Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My New Favorite Blog

"Autistic people are just as capable of love as anyone else. Loving other people isn't restricted to those who can speak fluently, read each others' faces, and remember not to talk about feral cats for half an hour while trying to make a new friend. We may not copy the emotions of other people, but we have just as much compassionate as anyone else. What tends to be different is how we express it. Neurotypicals will often attempt to sympathize with the person; autistics (at least, the ones that are like me; we I've said, we're diverse) will often try to fix the problem that made them upset in the first place. I don't see that either approach is superior to the other..."

-Lisa Daxer, an autistic biomedical engineering major at Wright State University.

Listen to her interview on NPR here and check out her wonderful blog, Reports from a Resident Alien.


Kyla said...

That is a great excerpt. My youngest child isn't exactly neurotypical, and I always enjoy reading about perspectives like these! Thanks for passing it along.

Kim said...

Thanks for your comment T. It was good to hear from you. I miss our chats. :)