Monday, May 16, 2011

Blog Anniversary - It Kinda Snuck Up On Me!

I can't believe this blog has been around for four years!

I know it's been much quieter lately, but that's been working for me. Not that there's anything too extraordinary going on in the rest of my life right now - other than the usual extraordinariness of my ordinary life. One day I am running to the emergency room to help with a potential difficult airway, anesthetizing a patient for abdominal surgery, or putting epidurals in expectant moms; the next day I have a cake decorating class, or a post office errand, or a movie night with spouse and kids. Life's got stresses, life's got joys, and I'm finding that this kind of balanced, un-remarkable existence is just what the doctor ordered (so to speak!).

It seems fitting, then, that I should celebrate with...

Berry-Basil Guacamole. An ordinary treat with an extraordinary twist.

This is my latest obsession. I had some at my in-laws' and fell head-over-heels for it. I really enjoy this kind of food adventure: take something rather ordinary (mashed avocado), and make it a little special with the unexpected ingredient, a not-your-usual combination of flavors. The strawberry-basil combo is, I must admit, kinda old news; it's been done a lot, as a salad, an ice cream, and even a cupcake. But I still consider it somewhat special.

Let me know if you develop (or have) a good version. Mine is just what you see above: avocados, strawberries, fresh basil, a little diced cherry tomato and onion, and whatever sprinkling of seasoning and citrus juice happens to be on hand and palatable at the moment. Best with my other latest obsession: Tostitos brand Artisan Recipe roasted-garlic-and-black-bean whole grain tortilla chips.

Happy Berry-Basil Blogiversary!


Margaret Polaneczky, MD (aka TBTAM) said...

Congrats! And thanks for the great guacamole idea - think I'll try it soon.

rlbates said...

Happy Blogiversary! and many more!

Unknown said...

Happy Blogiversary! I enjoy reading about your work and your life!

Unknown said...

Happy b-versary!

Lisa Johnson said...

Happy Blogiversary! I love this Berry-Basil Guacamole combination. I can taste it in my head and it tastes good! ; )