Saturday, May 21, 2011

How I Spent "Judgment Day" 2011

If you knew, or thought you knew, when the world was going to end, would you change the way you live your life?

Would you spend your life savings and forego career plans? Would you take one last trip to see some places you'd always wanted to see?

I never believed in preacher Harold Camping's prediction that the Rapture would occur today. Even if Jesus himself hadn't said plainly that no one can know the day or the hour, Camping's calculations would still have held no merit, based as they were on a) a literal interpretation of the Bible and b) a calendar that failed to take Dionysus Exiguus into account. But I did follow some of the media coverage around this phenomenon with interest. It generated questions like, "What makes people willing to take such risky actions for the sake of one fallible man's ideas?" and "What would you change about your life if you knew it was ending - SOON?"

I was pleased to realize that the answer to the latter was "not much." I'd still go to work and do my job - but keep it part-time, or make it even MORE part-time. I'd still spend as much time enjoying my family's company as I could. And if today had really been our last day, I would have been truly happy to have spent it as we did today.

My husband and I had a long, relaxing lunch outdoors. The weather was perfect - sunny, breezy, dry, in the 70's. The food was delicious. Later in the day we went to a fair two towns over. I love small town fairs; they evoke simpler times, happy families, and friendly communities with something to celebrate. The best thing about this particular fair was the presence of a book tent, where my husband and I spent contented hours browsing through tables laden with used books while the kids enjoyed the games and rides outside. Back home I concocted some Thai-spiced burgers for a late dinner, and they were yummy. It was a day full of all the things I enjoy and the people I love most. If the world had actually ended, I would have counted myself blessed to have known such lovely moments.

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