Sunday, September 14, 2008

Computer Woes

My laptop died.

A couple of days ago a repository of memories, messages, knowledge, and creative efforts, working just fine; now, a silent, dark, lifeless THING that won't turn on. I cannot begin to express my anxiety and grief.

To add insult to injury, let me quote what a few fellow-bloggers have said about the "New Sitemeter," which is unreadable, unusable, inaccessible, and basically useless:

"the new sitemeter rolled out today and my first impression is: i hate it."

"I hate the New Sitemeter...Just another complicated, obfuscated, hard to use system."

"A total debacle. Take something simple to use and render it incomprehensible."
and, in my opinion the most accurate assessment of all,

I agree with all the above, with Stephen Green's Open Letter to the "shameless sodding shiftless saps" at SiteMeter, and with everyone on the Google Blogs search results for "the New Sitemeter." Everyone hates it. Everyone's jumping ship. The question is, what is everyone thinking of using now? Statcounter?

I am bummed. I am on-call. It's been rainy. My computer doesn't love me any more. Waaaaaaaah.

Where's that piece of chocolate I saw just a moment ago...

Update, c. 8 p.m. on 9/24/08 - I guess the SiteMeter people got wind of how everybody feels about the "new" version and are retreating. Too bad a lot of users are by now completely disgruntled. I'm even annoyed enough to resent the fact that they don't seem to know or care that "customer's" is not the plural form of "customer." What can I say - my grammar antenna gets a little hypersensitive when I'm irritated. Character flaw.


Michael Leddy said...

T., try StatCounter — it's superior in every way and gives you lots more info (or at least much more than Sitemeter used to).

I hope you have your stuff backed up. But if not, don't despair — there are disk recovery services. I've seen DriveSavers highly recommended by people who know about this stuff.

Anonymous said...

C'mon you're an Anesthesiologist, I'm sure you had a back up plan?

T. said...

I did have a lot of stuff backed up, thankfully.

I'll look into StatCounter, Michael - thanks for the tip!

Patty said...

Sorry about your computer. I do hope it all gets taken care of. What a drag!

My computer backs up nearly every time I open it up. I guess it's part of the Mac stuff. I love it. I also back up my site daily. I just don't want to lose anything. I've put too much time in to this stuff!

Lisa Johnson said...

Sorry about the computer. I hope you found that piece of chocolate! I'm glad that Sitemeter went back to the old version. What a mess...