Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Inside the G-20

One nice thing about living in anonymity in a sleepy little Boston suburb, remarked my husband facetiously this morning, is that when a high-ranking U.N. official comes to your house for dinner, he doesn't need an armored car.

Our friend had glowing reports from his colleagues about our president at the G-20 Summit.  "He's not just intelligent," he said.  "The man is talented.  It was he who was able to bring conflicted heads of state together to the table for dialogue during the summit.  We haven't seen that kind of leadership in years."

That's because that kind of leadership takes vision, motivation, and skill as well as intelligence and talent.

Nice to know we've finally elected someone who can interact productively on the international stage.  Believe it or not I don't agree with all his views, but I do think we need an effective communicator (and thinker) out there, especially in times like these.


Elaine Fine said...

I put my very proud feelings about our man in the White House on hold for an hour, and watched the PBS show "Doctors' Diaries" that chronicles the lives of medical students-turned-doctors over a 20-year period, which made me think of you.

Here is my musical response to the G 20. I have been even happier about the events that followed it, but they have not yet turned themselves into pieces of music.

T. said...

I can't BELIEVE it's been this long since the original NOVA series, which I remember well!

I have to hand it to the PBS folks for constructing a surprisingly fair description (see http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/doctors/specialties.html) of the specialty of anesthesiology:

"While many of us associate anesthesiologists with operations, these doctors also play a central role in the care of patients outside the operating room. Both before and after surgery as well as during operations, anesthesiologists closely monitor their patients' circulation, respiration, blood-gas levels, and pain in order to facilitate a successful surgery and recovery. Because anesthesiologists must tailor-make an anesthetic program to suit the specific condition of each patient, their specialty is one of the broadest in medicine, requiring knowledge of all aspects of clinical medicine, especially respiratory and circulatory physiology, the devices used to support and monitor these systems, and the drugs that act upon them."

Thanks for sharing the link to your music for the G-20! It captured that feeling of celebration and excitement that's been moving through our household/family for the last several months.