Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's That Time Again!

Tonight I was honored once again to be invited to host the SurgExperiences blog carnival for its final edition of the season, SurgExperiences 124, to be posted on June 22. I am considering the theme "Secrets and Surprises," but the last time I thought I might have a theme, the collected works morphed into something else - so again, the "theme" isn't written in stone!

SurgeXperiences is open to all (surgeons / nurses / anesthetists / RTs / first assists / patients / hospitalists / fascinated observers / med students / friends, relatives, and spouses of aforementioned, etc.) who have a surgical/anesthesia/critical care blog post or article to submit.

The deadline for submissions will be midnight on June 20th. Please submit your posts here or email me directly at with a link to your post.

SurgeXperiences 123 is up at Quietus Leo's blog, The Sandman. Click here for a catalog of past surgXperiences editions. If you'd like to host a future edition, please contact Jeffrey Leow.

See you at the carnival!


Anonymous said...

Trying to remember something, anything, that would make a great post...I feel like that part of my life is disappearing and it hurts!!

gelci72 said...

No worries, Katy! If you don't get around to submitting something new, I saw a couple of great posts in your blog archive that would fit the bill!