Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Ad Hoc Anatomist

This will only be amusing to medical people, I suspect, but I had to document it here because it totally made my day.

This weekend a friend and I will be hosting a wedding shower. The bride will be starting medical school this fall, so I devised a (tamer) version of the traditional "Pin the Member on the Male" game: Pin the Anatomical Label on Michelangelo's David. Or maybe we'll make it a matching game of some sort.

Anyway, the labels I made were

1. Acromion
2. Anatomical snuffbox
3. Bundle of His
4. Corpus Cavernosum
5. Foramen of Luschka
6. Inguinal canal
7. Lumbricals
8. Pterygoid hamulus
9. Lateral meniscus
10. Ligament of Treitz
11. Sartorius
12. Soleus.

I asked The Hunk to do a "dry run" and apply the labels to my David xerox, to see if the names were too recognizable to the medically uninitiated. Here's the result (by permission):

So now the inguinal canal is somewhere in the head. And ya gotta love the soleus at the solar plexus, and the Ligament of Treitz where a knee ligament might be. But for me what tops the whole list, hands down (so to speak), is where he put that bundle of his...



Anonymous said...

You have to figure some guys do think with parts close to the inguinal canal...but not your husband I'm sure!! :-)

T. said...

LOL - well, I had to laugh and tell him he's wearing his heart on know...?!