Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween at the Hospital

They're ba-aaaaaaaaaaaack...

The entries for this year's hospital pumpkin carving contest were on exhibit this past week. As much as I dislike Halloween, I can't help but smile over its festive aspect (the grim and gory I can do without).

I especially enjoyed the unit of packed red cells transfusing into Count Dracula. My favorite one, though, was the intubated pumpkin from the staff in the critical care unit.

Enjoy the gallery! (Click here to look at last year's entries.)


Anonymous said...

Intubated pumpkin DEFINITELY wins the prize. No contest.

Me said...

Spider or Pirate

Spider or Pirate

Spider or Pirate


Toni Brayer, MD said...

You've got some very creative folks at your hospital. Thanks for the peek.

Anonymous said...

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OMDG said...

My favorite was the eyeball pumpkin.