Saturday, February 14, 2009

As Good An Excuse for Chocolate As Any

Oh, all right.  Happy Valentine's Day already.

I already expressed my feelings about VD last year, so this year I'll just share an Anesthesioboist's Valentine fantasy (courtesy of PushinDaisies):

Mmmmmmm.   What could be better than an anatomically correct chocolate heart for Valentine's Day?

Maybe a T-Shirt with cupcakes on it that says "Oboist - will play for chocolate" (found here or here)?

I think I'd still have to go with the chocolate heart.

Here's an another anatomical chocolate to warm an anesthesiologist's heart. Anybody wanna name that body part? (No, it's not an oboe d'amore...)


My Lists for the Day:  

1) Favorite Uber-Schmaltzy or Romantic Things to Wallow In, For the Besotted Among Us

Classical music piece:  Balcony Scene from Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet
80's Pop Song: St. Elmo's Fire Instrumental Luuuv Theme (or Glory of Love from Karate Kid)
Book: The Monk Downstairs by Tim Farrington
Short Story: Katrina Katrin' by Mark Helprin
TV Episode: any of the X-Files ones in which Mulder weeps over Scully; or when the Colonel on Stargate-SG1 has to confess under oath that he cares about the Major
Date movie: well, since we JUST saw it and found it completely stunning, Slumdog Millionaire, though in my younger days I would probably have picked A Room with a View
Old movie: Roman Holiday v. Casablanca...hmm...
Sizzling screen kiss: I'm gonna have to go with one of the Ben Hur ones for this one
Romantic places:  Weeks Foot Bridge, Harvard; or Florence; or Paris; or Cambridge University when the weather's good; or Prague; or Hong Kong (hm - two universities named in this category...)

2) Valentine's Day Movie Night Suggestions

Casablanca at the Brattle Theater, of course - if you don't mind the whole audience quoting along throughout the entire movie
Roman Holiday
Slumdog Millionaire, if you can deal with the intensity of it
The Illusionist
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
While You Were Sleeping
Legally Blonde
A Room with a View
The Scarlet Pimpernel (Anthony Andrews version)
The Mask of Zorro and The Legend of Zorro
Sweet Land

Happy wallowing, all!


AB said...

Is that a chocolate vertebra? That's awesome.

Anonymous said...

"Slumdog" rocks! I hope it gets a least a couple of Oscars.

T. said...

AB - yup! (The two-tone thing made me do a double-take at first...)

Brian - it has to!

Anonymous said...

WHERE did you find the chocolate vertebra?! I need one of these!

T. said...

Hi, gcs15 - try


Dragonfly said...

I nothing Valentines day. I love the anatomical chocolates (of a non genital appearance) though...