Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Daughter is Twelve

Twelve. Twelve.  My daughter is twelve years old.  Only one more year before we have a teenager in the house!

This weekend her friends will come over to celebrate with a spa party (manicures, face masks, art therapy corner), game session, and movie night.  Next month we'll go to the ballet, just us, mother and daughter, for a girls' night out.

Twelve.  Same age as Meg in A Wrinkle in Time, Vicky in Meet the Austins, Claudia in From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, and - gulp - Patty Bergen in Summer of My German Soldier.  

When can I date?  she asks. And don't say thirty the way you always joke around.

Thirty-five?  I say with a grin.

Already she has stood up for her political beliefs and for her convictions about gay rights.  Already she has been both excited about a guy and disappointed by a guy.  She has tried on some make-up (then decided she didn't need it), been concerned about weight and exercise, had to negotiate school life and theater commitments.  She wants to take self-defense classes.  She's worried about global warming.  She dreams of having a pet chinchilla.  She's considering singing with the adult choir in church.

She's beautiful and smart and kind and exuberant.

A blink of an eye ago we were bringing her home from the hospital wrapped in swaddling blankets.  

Where did all the time go?


Kim said...

Spa party sounds fun...might have to do that for my daughter. I know she'd love it too. It's sad how time flies so fast with our children...isn't it? Savoring every moment right?

Michael Leddy said...

Thirty-five is very reasonable age for allowing children to date.

Meanwhile, what kind of moat are you planning?

Isabelle said...

Joyeux anniversaire to your daughter!

She seems like a very interesting, cultured and responsible person. Good job ;)

OMDG said...

Where'd you get the white pumpkin?

Happy birthday to your daughter!

ZMD said...

My daughter will turn five this weekend. I'm amazed by her independence already. She will only wear what she wants, eat what she wants, read what she wants. I'm proud of her determination but also acutely aware that each passing day she falls a little further from my grasp.

The Girl said...

Congratulations. How exciting!

T. said...

Dalilah - spa party's been under way for a little while now, and I'm surprised to say I'm surviving! We had a manicure / nail art station, face mask station, and art therapy area and played Enya's greatest hits in the background. The weather is gorgeous, and all these preteens look to be headed outdoors for game time. How nice to be so carefree!

Michael - ultra deluxe, super-deep with matching portcullis.

Isabelle - she's a good kid, and we're hoping we can give her what she needs to make her way in the world with some good decisions.

OMDG - saw the white pumpkins outside Whole Foods Market a while back.

ZMD - I feel your pain. Well, not PAIN, just bittersweetness! All that independent spirit will serve our girls well in the world, I'm hoping...

The Girl - thanks! It's been quite a ride so far!

T. said...

Oh, and Dalilah, did I mention karaoke? Yup, we got karaoke, too. Really LOUD karaoke. :)