Friday, December 18, 2009

Territory Part II

Seen today on aforementioned fridge:


ZMD said...

If my hospital is any indication, any attempt at preventing the taking of food with a simple sign is futile. Those who obey the sign probably wouldn't take food that doesn't belong to them in the first place. Anybody who does steal food will completely ignore it.

Resident Anesthesiologist Guy (RAG) said...

Grammatical errors make the sign even less worthy of obedience.

Sorry I haven't commented in a while - been on a long stretch of nights/ days/ and SICU. Very tired.

T. said...

ZMD - agreed, though in light of the original post, I think the real point is that it shouldn't be thought of as "stealing" when the food in question was a donation to the entire staff and meant to be shared by all, a point on which clearly the authors of the sign and I vehemently disagree.

RAG - I feel the same way. Both the letter and the spirit of the sign were just wrong.

I've been way behind on blog-reading too, much less commenting. Glad to see you. Take care of yourself!

Lawyerdude said...

Notice the sign is already being subverted with humor at the bottom. LOL!

Assuming the sign was put up by the aforementioned disapproving staff who was looking for leftover sandwiches from the surgeons' staff appreciation gesture, I wonder how she justifies those as being "hers." In my office, everyone is asked to label food in the communal fridge with name and date. If you don't bring it in yourself and label it, the assumption is it's fair game to be consumed (or thrown out at the end of the week).

Good for you to challenge the apparently prevailing view that the cleaning staff is somehow not part of the hospital staff.

LawProf said...

Tell the truth- YOU added the humor at the bottom! :)

T. said...

Lawyerdude - thanks!

LawProf - how I wish I could take the credit! But it was already there when I first saw it. Still trying to come up with a witty yet pointed retort.