Friday, May 1, 2009

Blogiversary Call for Submissions

Happy May!  Anesthesioboeland is in bloom!

I love the month of May, and it's not just because I was a May baby.  May means flowers, warmer breezes, and the promise of summer.  May means brighter mornings and evenings, husband and son planting in the garden, daughter breaking into song both at home and for her spring school production (this year she plays Annie in Annie Jr.), and more time outdoors.

May's also a special month for this blog.  As many of you know, I'll be celebrating my two-year blog anniversary on May 16.  I think I'll be doing another interview this year, if the poll on the right keeps showing what it's showing - so if you have questions you've been wanting to ask me, now's the time!  

Please send your interview questions to - and don't worry about making them "special" or "profound!"  I am considering combining this with a book give-away by putting the names of all those who submit questions into a bowl and picking one.

Ok - you have two weeks to find out everything you wanted to know about "T.," life in anesthesia, being a mom, cooking, eating, reading, writing, oboe-ing, or anything else that strikes your fancy.  Start asking! :)


dm said...

I'm quite a big fan of your website & writing style, so I'm excited about your upcoming interview. I'm afraid that I have a lot of advice-eque questions, since I'll be applying for residency in anesthesiology in a few months. Please feel free to ignore any questions at your discretion.

Here goes :)

- If you had a chance to go back in time and pick another medical specialty (i.e. pediatrics / emergency medicine), would you do it?

- Are you ever worried about the future of anesthesiology (i.e. losing jobs to mid-level providers / CRNAs, or potential replacement by a closed-loop bispectral-index-regulated anesthesia system)?

- Do you enjoy going to work?

- Did you have the most fun in high school, undergrad, M1, M2, M3, M4, residency, fellowship, or real work? Which year of med school and residency did you enjoy the most?

- How did you decide on working in private practice vs. academia?

- Is there any test harder than USMLE Step 1, or does it get easier after that?

- How did you pick your residency site back in med school?

- Do you have any tricks on keeping calm in the OR when things are completely out of control?

And just one last question:

- If you could have any superpower, what would it be?


T. said...

Thanks, DM! I'll get to work on at least a few of these for the Blogiversary celebration. :)