Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Best of Notes of an Anesthesioboist 2008-2009

In the tradition of Grand Rounds, up at Health Blogs Observatory today (Great edition!  Check it out!), and the upcoming SurgeXperiences blog carnival, I'd like to welcome you to my own mini-blog carnival, part of my week-long Blogiversary Festival.  Below is a compendium of posts written since last year's blogiversary.  Enjoy!

(See here for an older best-of list.)

My Favorite Post This Past Year:  Code Indigo

Posts About Medicine:

General Medical Posts

Anesthesia Posts

Controversies in Medical Life

Medical Posts In a Lighter Vein (so to speak)

Posts About Music:

Posts About Books / Writing / Literature / Film:

Posts About Food:

Posts About Family:

Posts About Faith:


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