Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

My friend Kirti, whose blog has a wonderful feature on Fridays called "Fine Art Friday," reminded me of how much I love Mary Cassatt's paintings of mothers, or women doing "motherly" things, and children.

I decided I would kick off my Blogiversary Festival a little early by offering some samples of past motherly posts on this occasion.

First, the blog Mothers in Medicine has honored me by highlighting two of my posts on this Mother's Day weekend: click here to check it out.

Second, a couple of posts that mention my daughter:

And, a couple of posts that mention my son:

Finally, a relatively early post about how I regard my kids: What's a "High Pay-off" Kid?

Happy Mother's Day!

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K. said...

Aw, thank you T. for mentioning my blog. *smile* I like the Cassatt you picked too!