Monday, May 11, 2009

Today's Blogiversary Surprise

Welcome to the official opening day of Notes of an Anesthesioboist's Blogiversary Festival, a week-long celebration of two years of blog fun.

I have much to celebrate in the month of May:
  • Mother's Day (which was lovely)
  • My birthday (which was great!)
  • This year, my daughter's debut in a musical (which was STUPENDOUS!)
  • The anniversary of my graduation from medical school
  • The anniversary of my first oboe lesson
  • My blogiversary
In accordance with these many reasons to celebrate and be thankful, I'm hoping to dedicate each day of the Festival to a different topic often covered on this blog (each of which happens to be in-line with at least one of the anniversaries listed above).  These different subjects -medical life, oboe life, writing, food, faith, and family - keep me energized and enriched both in the blog world and in the real world.

I started off by honoring family yesterday with a festival preview - a mini-retrospective of posts related to motherhood.

Today it's a nod to my oboe lessons.  

Anali suggested that I upload some audio of me playing.  Though it goes against all my instincts, I have done so, and let me warn you, it is NOT great.  I tried and tried and tried to sound ok, but I couldn't get over being nervous, and I think it was making my reed crow. As I've emphasized many times on this blog, when it comes to oboe I have only desire, not talent!  But don't worry - it's less than ten seconds long. :)  No pity comments from real oboists - it's okay, really! 

Stay tuned (so to speak) for tomorrow's Blogiversary special: "Best of Notes of an Anesthesioboist," a compendium of favorite posts from the past year.


Lisa Johnson said...

That was great! A wonderful musical opening for the week's festivities!

Elaine Fine said...

You are a brave oboist. Really. And you do have lovely sound. I'm proud of you. Bravo!

ShrinkingDoc said...

That sounded great. I think it's awesome you're even taking music lessons. You have a couple other things that could be keeping you too busy to do it. Keep up the good work.

rlbates said...

Wonderful! Congratulations on the blogiversary!

Patty said...

Now now, don't apologize! I think you're doing very well. If I lived nearby I'd come on over and play a duet with you. :-)

T. said...

A little Menotti? :)

Thanks, Patty. You're kind.

Jo said...

Hey - that sounds really good :-) Scherezade?

You've got a great tone (which, particularly in amateur recordings, doesn't always come across - the first one I ever did with my oboe distorted the sound really badly!), and the confidence to push through the reed bubbles will definitely come.

Keep at it - I can already hear you playing the rest of the piece! :-)

Øystein said...

Wow! I've missed out on reading all your great blogiversary articles. Very nice to hear you play!

Heading over to the cadaver post now :)