Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ups & Downs

Up: assigned to the "eye room" today to give anesthesia for my
ophthalmologist colleague, one of the nicest surgeons to work with. Coincidentally, my new glasses ready for pick-up at his office. Smooth work day.

Down: long talk with my (great) boss about various issues around us at work. A good talk, but one that conjured up considerable stress.

Up: not on call today, so got to see my kids at dinner.

Down: husband away on business.

Up: had an oboe lesson this evening.

Down: it was bad. Well, no, IT was wonderful, but I was bad. Pachelbel's Canon is kicking my caboose. (My 7-year-old patted me on the arm while I was practicing the darn thing last night and said sympathetically, "Just do your best, Mommy.")

Up: Kyoko is patient and full of mirth.

Down: Orlando had to cancel the next 2 chamber orchestra rehearsals & move the concert date to one that I can't make, because he has a big gig.

Up: Kyoko has the same gig: all 6 Brandenburg Concerti at the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum.

Down: the gig is sold out.

Up: I tried to transcribe the Wexford Carol in F# off a CD onto some staff paper a couple of weeks ago. Plunked it down in front of Kyoko and begged her to play it to see if my transcription makes any sense (my music theory being totally rusty). She sounded so beautiful; I felt like someone was applying healing balm directly to my frayed nerves. The transcription totally works.

Down: When I try to play it I sound like - well, you know. Plus, all those accidentals! But she had some helpful pointers for how to start working on phrasing.

Up: Watched Shrek the Halls and How the Grinch Stole Christmas with my kids tonight. Got to laugh with them - always one of the best moments of my day.

Time to get some rest and start all over again in the morning.
Addendum December 1, 2007:
I have to thank Bardiac for alerting me to the following HILARIOUS work of genius on the subject of Pachelbel's darned Canon, performed by comedian Rob Paravonian ( It is just brilliant!


Bardiac said...

While I love the canon in D, I laughed a lot about this youtube video. Have you seen it?

T. said...

I love the Canon too...but I laughed so hard watching this! It's totally BRILLIANT! Thank you so much for a great lift to my week.

Lisa Johnson said...

That was hilarious! Thanks for getting my morning of to a laughing start! And I just pulled out two CDs to play today. One is all Baroque Adagios and I'm sure you can guess the first song. The other CD is only Canon - over and over again! ; )