Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Joy of Browsing: an anesthesioboist's quiet Saturday

Mm, browsing. It's one of my favorite things to do. I'll admit it: it's even better than wrapping Christmas presents. My "perfect date" would consist of terrific conversation, a delicious meal, and at least an hour in a wonderful book store BROWSING. I don't know why I find it so soothing, but I do. I love it. Calms my soul like nothing else.

No book store here, unfortunately - just rain, fog, a warm drink, and blissful seclusion in a cozy cabin for the weekend, but I have put my third Philippa Gregory novel down for a bit - a hard task - and indulged in a little cyber-browsing. Not as good as real-life browsing, but comforting in its own way.

I just had to share this delightful piece of stitching by a surgeon/fellow-blogger. I stumbled upon her blog when I checked to see if there were other people on Blogger who list Tuck Everlasting as a favorite book on their profiles:

Am I geeky to find this so adorably cute?!

Here's another picture I found on the enjoyable medical blog EverythingHealth, authored by Toni Brayer, M.D., which tells this story of a transplant surgeon who used a ping-pong ball (thinking outside the box!) to save his patient. As the Happy Hospitalist commented, that takes b... er, guts! If you're into medicine, Dr. Brayer's blog is a great one for interesting medical stories and news. I'll be eating more pistachios from now on... :)

One last picture, a sample from my daughter's birthday loot. I was reminded of it as I was browsing for ambigrams. Like me, my daughter absolutely loves notebooks and journals. She picked out this one the last time we browsed in a book store together. Turn the image upside down and you're still reading the same word. We couldn't resist!

It's still raining. I think I'll go generate some more ambigrams, or read some more of my book, or practice some oboe, or watch the rest of the Rock Hudson movie we were watching, or make some cookies...

*Sigh.* I love quiet weekends!


make mine trauma said...

I love browsing also. I can spend hours upon hours in my local Barnes and Noble. It also seems to be the only productive place for me to study.

Michael Leddy said...

This post lets me know that I was right not to grade papers today. Time off!

The ping-pong ball reminds me of a story of a fountain pen and a tracheotomy, which I read a few years ago in American Heritage. It's online, from Time, 1944:,9171,883910,00.html

Øystein said...

Thanks for sharing the ambigram generator! I had to make one for this post.

Dragonfly said...

That baby suit is soo cute.