Friday, September 12, 2008

T.'s 250th - My First Retrospective

Welcome to my 250th post!!!

I thought I'd wax nostalgic and celebrate by culling together some of my most Anesthesioboistic old posts. Hope you enjoy this little side-trip down memory lane.

Posts that give a little glimpse into the "real me" - or should I say, the "real T.?"
T. Unmasked (just a bit): the Interview
My Favorite Things
Valentine's Day - Ugh
Midlife Already? A Look Back at my Education
Cadaver Poem
Mushroom Love
yes I said yes I will Yes
"Mawidge - Dat Bwessed Awwangement"
The Closest I May Ever Come to Discussing Sex on this Blog (Unless You Count the Mischievous Inside Joke In That Mawidge Post...) - Still Rated PG
Success is a Neon-green, Glow-in-the-dark Monkey Around Your Neck and a Squishy Yellow Duck in Your Arms
ABC's for today

Memorable Medical Moments
Wound Care
The Last Day
Wide Excision
The Rounding Orb
A Wish for Divining
Tales from Saint Boonie's: Songs in the O.R.
On Seeing and Being Seen: a meditation on the social psychology of medical intervention
(This) Sux
Shock Therapy
Job (a story for Veteran's Day)
Heart Room
You Are What You...Have?
Would You Still Love Me If I Had No Face?
Have You Hugged Your Anesthesiologist Today?

On Being a Mom
What's a "High-Payoff" Kid?
Whose Gifts Will We Accept?
Commotion of the Heart
Birthday Cake with a Side of Deep Thoughts
Confessions of a Worried Stage Mother
The Gashlycrumb Tinies Come Haunting Again
Sweetie, Please Don't Go to Med School
Reed-Making Tips, Time Capsules, and Trampoline Secrets
American Idyll
Optics, Acoustics, and Matters of the Heart, Not Necessarily in that Order
Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa: Confessions a Working Mom

On Faith
Keeping the Faith - questions to ask oneself
Ash Wednesday Musings by a Hungry Disciple
Pentecost Thoughts
"We Can't All Be Mother Teresa" - Or Can We?
The Problem of Prayer
God on the Brain; the Brain on God
Gabriel's Oboe / The Mission Revisited
Nulla Per Orem (Or, Anesthesia 1, Theology 0?)
How a Plate of Broccoli Got Me Thinking About God and the Whole Evolution v. Intelligent Design Debate
Fusia Podgorska and the Milgram Experiment
à la Recherche de Saint René
The Purity Ring Thing
Then there were those three posts where I accused a world-famous rock star of using someone else's work and failing to give proper credit: Hovern Engan, Hovern Engan II, and Hovern Engan III.

And finally, my own favorite post. No special reason.
Tales from Saint Boonie's: One of the Gang.

Thank you all for your support!


Øystein said...

Congratulations, T!

I look forward to reading some of these old posts!

Kathleen said...

Wow! 250, what a milestone. My favorites? Posts on faith and medicine.

Mitch Keamy said...

T. although "Book of Joe" is the first anesthesiologist's blog, yours is undoubtedly the best. You have transcended our parochial craft in your writing and in doing so, have brought our specialty a little respect and raised blogging to an art. I think, as I prepare my talk on anesthesia blogs for the ASA, that the best part of our blog is that it led me to yours; heck, I even stole some of your colors! Thanks for the inspiration. My favorite posts, by the way, were probably your trip to France; I used to go back to them sometimes when I needed a break; haven't been for a while, though...

T. said...

Oystein, Kathleen, and Mitch - thank you very much for your support. One of the most wonderful aspects of this genre is the emergence of a new way to connect with colleagues and, in some fortunate cases, new friends.

Speaking of whom, Mitch - special thanks must go to you for your encouragement these past 16 months. I didn't realize just how this adventure would unfold, and you've been supremely generous and kind to me throughout. I'm humbled by your praise! Thank you! Glad to know, too, that there's someone else out there who takes refuge in some of the same blogspots - a little village in Normandy, a walk through the streets of Paris... :)