Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Box of Dreams Arrives

I've been waiting for this package for almost a week.

When the UPS truck drove up around dinner time tonight, I jumped up and down like a little kid. My husband had to get the door and sign for the package.

I was on the phone with Hilda when I finally had the chance to start opening it.

My trial oboe! It's here! I hope I like it. But even if I end up sending it back, this is so cool - "trialing" an instrument. As if I had earned the privilege!

Now, how can one tell if it's a good oboe if one is an awful player? :)

So far it seems lighter and easier to get my fingers around, and hits highs and lows more precisely and consistently than my rental. It's a little brighter-sounding than my rental, too - less wanna-be clarinet or sax. Likin' it so far!


Mitch Keamy said...


Patty said...

Nice! I hope you enjoy it and it works well for you.

Have loads of fun! :-)

Bardiac said...

Oh, Fantastic!

(When I bought my oboe, I had my teacher's teacher try it out a bit. So maybe consult with your teacher about it? Also, I tried it with a couple really good reeds my teacher made for me, since I wasn't as skilled, and that helped me.)

I hope it's a great instrument for you!

T. said...

Thanks, Bardiac! My teacher gets back from the Colorado Music Festival soon, and I'll have her show me the ins and outs of how to evaluate an instrument - with a good reed!

The process is so much fun. My son asked if he could start violin lessons, and we'll be going to a string store to try out a rental some time this summer. It's like being a kid in a candy store!

Hilda said...

Congratulations! Hope it's going well. It was great speaking to you that day. :-)