Monday, August 20, 2007

Gastronomic Delights in France

Monday, August 20, 2007

After these long Paris posts - journal entries, really - I wanted to write something "on the lighter side"- though perhaps not: the topic is food!

On the way to the Eiffel Tower the other day we stopped by our neighborhood boulangerie, the P. Weiland, on the corner, near the Cambronne metro stop.

There I bought what I think is the most delicious thing I have ever eaten in my life, no exaggeration: a petit pain au chocolat aux amandes, flaky and soft and perfect.

I'm convinced M. Weiland baked a hint of brown sugar into the outermost layer of this heavenly pastry. The next day I bought a few more.

The boulangerie also had the largest palmiers on display I have ever seen - one of my father's favorite pastries, so I have to include them here.

The bathroom scale in Paris said I lost 3 kilos. How is that possible? (And why on earth did I get on it in the first place?) It's absolutely ludicrous. Obviously the device is defective. But wait, the pants are a little looser too...Could two intense days of stair-climbing have worked miracles? Nah!

But facetiously, let me outline the rules for The Paris Miracle Diet (or, The Anti-Atkins Revolution), just for fun:

-Have a small breakfast, a heavy lunch, a light goûter, and a light dinner every day.
-Butter your bread generously and eat it with gobs of home-made confiture.
-Drink French lait demi-écrêmé every day, which is supposed to be low-fat milk but which I am convinced is the equivalent of Half-and-Half; how can it taste just like cream, otherwise?! Is it just that the COWS in France are different? For that matter, how come almost EVERYTHING tastes better in France? Is it a conspiracy?!
-Eat rich cheeses twice a day.
-Eat meats of all kinds.
-Have wine with lunch and dinner.
-Have fromage blanc with your berries.
-Have dessert - don't deprive yourself - but only have a WHOPPING dessert once in a while.

but also

-Don't eat between meals.
-Limit your portion sizes.
-Climb lots of stairs each week.
-Avoid processed food; have milk from the cow, pork from the pig, fish from the river, etc. with as little interference from industry as possible.
-Finally, SAVOR EVERY BITE! Live in the moment! :)

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