Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Quick, Whiny Post Before A "Real" Post (Hopefully)

Hi, all. I am on call AGAIN, so feeling mopey and whiny. I strongly dislike being away from my family.

If you've come to visit this blog and felt discouraged by having to sign in to comment, guess what - I finally got a clue and made it so anyone can comment.

So if there's a post you wanted to tell me something about but didn't feel like signing up for an account, please feel free to comment now!

I've been so curious as to who swings by here now and then...I'd love to hear from you.


rlbates said...

I too dislike being on call. Mine is now from outside of the hospital, but the "vague" uneasiness of the pager interupting plans never leaves me on the unassigned call days.

Hope you have a good day!

T. said...

Someone pointed out to me this morning, "But you knew about this before you went into medicine!" And it's true - I knew; I knew the hospital never closed; I knew I'd be duty-bound to serve unusual hours and some important holidays; I knew all that.

But it didn't make me LIKE the obligation!

It's not just the separation from loved ones I don't like - after all, I would probably enjoy a weekend away with some girlfriends if that were the reason I was leaving home - it's the sense of being TRAPPED. Whether I am taking in-house call or beeper call from home, I feel like I'm chained to a post, with that sense of dread waiting for that strident beeper sound to pierce into my activities. It's the same reason I don't sleep well when I'm on call even if I have the opportunity to do so. But I guess there's no way around it under the circumstances...Sorry, I am so whiny on days like this! I think it's also because I've had very FREQUENT call the last few weeks...