Sunday, October 14, 2007

Barn Raising II: the follow-up

Yesterday evening we had the chance to drop in on our friends in Gilmanton, NH whose barn-raising we attended last June. My husband had a wonderful time helping with the construction, so it was a pleasure to see the finished product and say hello to the herd of 8 alpacas that now make their home there.



Tomorrow I am on call, away from my family. Years of doing this and I still haven't gotten used to it.


valleygirl said...

Barn raising looks fun! What are those animals - alpacas? Hope your day on call went well!

T. said...

Yes, those are adorable, sweet, gentle alpacas.

Thanks for the well-wishes! The day was the long but the night quiet except for a 5 a.m. beep for an epidural. Got to relax post-call, which is heavenly!